Pregnancy-Safe Backbends

This Thursday evening, we will focus on pregnancy-safe backbends. The goal is to alleviate strain from the thoracic spine and open the chest while relieving achy shoulders.

The spine of a pregnant woman will have an exaggerated lordosis (overaching) of the lumbar spine and an increased kyphosis (rounding) of the thoracic spine. This shape is a result of the growing baby. As baby grows, the pregnant uterus places strain on the chest muscles and overstretches the abdominal muscles. Given these changes, pregnant women are encouraged to check spinal and pelvic alignment while relieving strain on abdominal and chest muscles. This week, we will focus on stretching open the thoracic spine while protecting the lumbar spine. We will use props to safely explore pigeon pose, fish pose and camel pose. As always, modifications will be offered to women who still want the benefits of the pose but may have limitations on range of motion.