Janel is a NYC-based medical education researcher and yoga instructor specializing in prenatal and postpartum yoga. She received her medical degree with a concentration in women’s global health from the Robert Larner College of Medicine in Burlington, Vermont. She has worked with underserved communities in southeast Africa to promote sexual health, HIV awareness and safe obstetrical practices. After completing her medical studies, Janel returned to her hometown of Brooklyn Heights to complete her 200-HR vinyasa yoga certification at Jata Veda under the thoughtful guidance of Keri Setaro and Paula Loose. She received her postpartum yoga certification from the Integral Yoga Institute under the tutelage of Lara Kohn-Thompson and Beth Donelly Caban. Janel carefully integrates research-based mindfulness techniques, body awareness exercises and breath-work into all her classes. She threads her medical experience into the childbirth education portion of her prenatal classes. She will often weave in stories of her work as a senior medical student working in the maternity wards and birthing centers in Uganda. She enjoys sharing her experiences and enlightening others with the different ways childbirth is experienced all over the globe! She incorporates the use of pelvic models, baby trainers and birthing props to help students visualize the physical and physiological changes that occur during pregnancy and childbirth, as well as to explain and simulate the process of childbirth. Her prenatal students gain an understanding of the importance of cultivating resilient a pelvic floor and overall body awareness. Janel is currently creating a postpartum wellness program in Brooklyn Heights with her business partner Abigail Groff while preparing to embark on her medical residency in Family Medicine.